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WELCOME to the New Hampshire OBD and Safety Inspection Industry website!

In 2007, we successfully reached the final milestone in the NHOST Program: OBD testing is now Pass/Fail for all model year 1997 and newer automobiles and light-duty trucks. The transition has gone great with stations and motorists adapting smoothly to the changes. Although the program is now fully operational, we will continue to communicate with stations via "Blasts" of important information sent directly to the NHOST Units.

We appreciate all of the efforts made by inspection stations and mechanics, especially your patience throughout the program implementation and operation.

There is also general program information available to print from this website or the NHOST unit. Stations may also want to provide the following NHOST website to motorists to guide them toward more information:

2016 DMV Listening Sessions

Click HERE to view the slide show that was presented at the 2016 Listening Sessions.

Program Statistics:

- Over 2000 stations participating.
- Over 8000 New Hampshire mechanics have completed training and passed the computer-based certification.
- Over 2.5 million inspections on the database.
- More than 2 million OBD inspections performed.

The New Hampshire Department of Safety - Division of Motor Vehicles (NH DMV) and NHOST Services, Inc. Gordon-Darby (NHOST) are working closely together to ensure that the program continues to operate smoothly.

May 25, 2011-Important notice:
The process for returning used sticker books has changed. Click here for details: How to return sticker books to DMV