Stickers On Demand
Frequently Asked Questions

The significant changes to the sticker process include:

  1. All stickers will be moved to the lower left (driver's side) corner of the windshield beginning on October 1st.
  2. The new sticker: this will consist of the combination of a holographic colored backer that will be shipped to you by the vendor and an insert that will be printed out as part of the VIR. This insert will include all the information concerning the sticker (expiration, issue date, station number, etc.) on the side facing out. There will be no longer be a need for stations to write information on the back of the sticker.

How will antique vehicles that get a sticker every 2 years be handled?

No differently than what you currently do. The system will allow you to designate the expiration date of the sticker.

Will all stickers be moved to the lower left corner of the windshield beginning October 1st?

Yes, that includes the current paper stickers if issued after October 1st, and also trucks and buses. This placement may necessitate relocating dump stickers, resident stickers, etc. All towns in NH have been made aware of this requirement.

What about a vehicle that does not have a windshield; like a trailer or some agricultural vehicles?

In the Stickers On Demand program, when these types of vehicles pass their inspection the mechanic will peel the backer off of its protective coating and stick it to the back of the VIR in the lower left corner like they would have applied it to a windshield. The red side of the backer will not show as that is what will stick to the VIR, but in this way the backer is assigned to that inspection. Then they will staple the registration to the VIR and give it to the vehicle owner.

What about a vehicle that passes safety and fails OBD?

The clear stickers will no longer be used for rejection outcomes with the Sticker On Demand program. Instead, the NHOST system will print a sticker insert that will expire 60 days from the date of the inspection. This 60 day sticker will need to be replaced when the vehicle passes Safety & OBD. Wherever paper stickers are still being issued the clear number inserts will be used, but only until the Sticker On Demand program is available at the station, then paper stickers will no longer need to be used except for motorcycle inspections.

How do I get my backers?

Initially, the vendor will ship to each station a quantity of backers that is based on (but not necessarily equal to) your sticker usage over the previous 12 months. A notice through your NHOST email will be sent to you and then the backers will be shipped to you. You should receive these within 3 business days. Once your station is participating in the program, the NHOST system will include a threshold and when you hit that quantity your station will be automatically flagged in the system for another shipment. You won't need to do anything other than accept your shipments. It is also important to understand that you will not need to pay for these backers until you issue them in an inspection. But you will need to treat them as you do your stickers by keeping them safe and secure as you will be responsible for all backers shipped to your station.

Will all stations be using this new program on October 1st?

No. The program will be rolled out gradually to allow us to handle any issue that might arise in a controlled manner. Stations will continue to use paper stickers until they receive their backers from the vendor. This being said, it would be prudent not to purchase large quantities of paper stickers when we get close to October 1st. Paper stickers left in stock when your station gets the new program can either be used up or returned to DMV. Rollout of Stickers On Demand is expected to be completed by January, 2018 if not sooner.

Will I still be able to use the paper stickers that I have in my shop when I start with the Stickers On Demand program?

Yes, once you start with the Stickers On Demand program you can either use up your paper stickers, or return them to DMV for credit.

Will I still be able to print duplicate VIRs if the sticker insert is going to be a part of the VIR?

Yes, however duplicate VIRs will not print the sticker information. Instead it will read "REPRINT" where the sticker information would have been printed.

Will this new sticker process apply to motorcycles?

No. Motorcycles will continue to get the stickers you now use.

If you have any questions, please contact the New Hampshire DMV Dealer/Inspection Desk at 227-4120.