August 1, 2012

Sticker Stub Registers

The process for returning used sticker books has changed. Click here for details: How to return sticker books to DMV.

We are pleased to announce that the need to fill out the sticker book stub for most inspections has been eliminated. In general, inspections performed through the NHOST unit will not require sticker stub completion. Inspections done without using the NHOST unit will require you to complete the sticker stub.

How does this work?
The NHOST system formats the inspection records into a ”register” that you print and attach to the completed sticker book before you return the used book to DMV.

The register prints asterisks (****) beside stickers that have no inspection record on file (similar to a checking account statement). These stickers are the ones that were issued without the NHOST machine and must be filled out in the sticker book. If all inspections are done through the NHOST machine, there should be no asterisks and you will not have needed to complete any stubs.

Note that you are not charged anything for using the NHOST machine to complete inspections that are on non-OBD vehicles. There is still a $50 minimum per month, but using the NHOST system for all inspections will not increase your costs.

If you have any questions, please call the helpline at 800-383-4124 or the OBD Program at 227-4120.