August 3, 2017

The State’s amendment to the On-board Diagnostics and Safety Inspection Management contract, which has authorized the Stickers On Demand program, requires that stations update their station agreement with Gordon Darby before October 1, 2017 to avoid disruption of service.

This can now be easily accomplished online with no downloading, faxing or mailing of forms as previously required with contract renewals.

Click on the “Enrollment” button at the top of this page, click on the button labeled “Click Here To Update” under “Existing Station Enrollment Update 2017”. This will open up the online document that will be used for updating the agreement.

Please read the information that is presented and fill out the fields that are appropriate. You can click past the fields that are not marked with an *, however any field that has an * MUST be filled in. Once you have filled in all the fields that are required including those on the last page (NOTE: providing a valid email address is required to update your agreement online), click on the ‘Click to Sign’ button. You will receive a notification via the email address you supplied which will include a copy of the form that you can print out for your records.