July 7, 2008

Subject: Economic Hardship Waivers and Electronic Administrative Certificate Procedure

When a motorist is approved for an economic hardship waiver they receive a waiver that is signed and sealed by the Director of Motor Vehicles. The motorist is advised to go to their inspection station for an OBD re-inspection.

When the mechanic performs the re-inspection of the vehicle, they will see a menu button on the NHOST unit that asks if they want to issue an ‘Administrator’s Certificate’. You will select this option once you have verified that the waiver has been checked “approved” and there is a raised seal over the Director of Motor Vehicle’s signature. If these things are not present on the waiver, you will not select the “issue Administrator’s Certificate” option.

Once you select the option for the Administrators Certificate, this will by-pass the OBD portion of the test and you will be able to enter the sticker number that you are issuing to the vehicle. Give the VIR to the motorist along with the Economic Hardship Waiver.

If you have any questions regarding the economic hardship waiver or the issuance of an electronic administrative certificate, please contact the OBD program at 603-227-4120.