May 5, 2010

Early Inspections

RSA 261:62, II (d) was recently amended via Chapter 140, House Bill 448-Local and now allows for a person to renew a vehicle registration during the 4 months prior to its expiration without having to verify the owner’s absence from the State.

When RSA 266:1, I-III is read in conjunction with RSA 261:62, II(d) it stands to reason that an owner may now receive an inspection sticker as early as 4 months in advance, not to exceed 16 months. Therefore, the position taken by the DMV when asked if a vehicle may be inspected before the registration is renewed is yes. They may be eligible to receive an inspection sticker that expires the following year provided the vehicle is currently registered and it meets the inspection criteria

Please remember that a current registration does not expire until the LAST day of the month and that persons may not be charged with a violation of failing to obey inspection requirements until a period of 10 days has lapsed from the date the inspection was due.

If you have any questions, please call the DMV inspection desk at 603-271-0321 or State Police Troop G at 603-271-3339.