September 18, 2012

Issuing Stickers with Proper Expiration Date

The e-mail blast below was originally sent on May 4, 2012

This email is being sent to clarify that an antique vehicle is one that is REGISTERED AND PLATED AS ANTIQUE in order to be eligible for an antique sticker. If a vehicle is 40 or more model years old and registered with any other plate type, it is not eligible for an antique biennial sticker and shall be inspected according to the registration type. Antique vehicles that are 40 or more model years old are to be inspected biennially (every 2 years) in the month of April per Saf-C 3224.01(a) (2). Inspection stations are required to use the correct expiration year sticker on vehicles that are eligible to receive them. A sticker that expires in one year is not allowed as long as the expiration sticker year is available through the DMV. In special circumstances a 1 year sticker has been used if prior approval from DMV has been given. Stickers with 2014 expiration dates are currently available and should be used. As with all inspection stickers; if you don’t have the correct expiration year, you shouldn’t be inspecting vehicles that require them until you get the proper stickers. Please contact the DMV at 227-4120 if you have any questions.