April 13, 2006

Inspection Fees on NHOST Website

NHOST Services has developed a tool that will provide NH inspection stations the opportunity to post their inspection fees on the NHOST website.

Since the end of February, station’s inspection fees have been accessible on www.nhinspect.com.

Stations can submit their information (listed below) to NHOST, via NHOST mail or conventional email. Changes will be allowed and will also be accepted by email to NHOST. Email must include:

  • Station Name
  • Station Number
  • Station Address
  • Station Phone Number
  • Contact/Authorizing Name
  • Fee for OBD inspection
  • Fee for non-OBD inspection

Send to:

Conventional email:
To: Info@nhostservices.com
Attention: “Call Center Manager”
Subject: NHOST Inspection Fee


NHOST mail (on the NHOST Unit)
To: “Billing/Accounting”
Subject: NHOST Inspection Fee

Prices listed on The NHOST website will be frequently updated and will reflect the most current information, as submitted to NHOST by authorized representatives of NH inspection stations. Prices may not reflect any available discounts or other available special offers and are subject to change. NHOST is not liable for verifying fees posted on the website versus actual inspection fees charged.

As always, feel free to contact the NHOST Help Line via email or by calling 800-383-4124 for more information or program assistance.