August 1, 2011

Sticker Register

The sticker register option is available to all stations.
Here is how it works in 3 easy steps:

1) When you inspect any vehicle, truck, trailer, or motorcycle, put the inspection through the NHOST unit. Fill out the back of the sticker and place it on the vehicle as required (Saf-C 3245.03) and you are done. You don’t need to complete the stub portion of the sticker book. YOU MUST PUT THE VEHICLE INSPECTION THROUGH THE TEST EQUIPMENT.

2) BEFORE you return the finished sticker book to the DMV, you will need to go into the Administrative menu on the NHOST unit and print the Sticker Register for that book of stickers. Go to the “Administrative menu”, “Sticker Inquiry” section and then to Sticker Register. Make sure that any sticker numbers showing asterisks (*****) on the register have a completed stub in the sticker book BEFORE you send it back into DMV. Any Sticker numbers with plus signs (++++++) means you entered the same sticker number for more than one inspection. You must make sure you tell us which VIN received which sticker.

3) Once you have checked the book to the register, you MUST attach the register to the book that it goes with and send it back to DMV. Sticker books that have blank stubs for issued stickers that are received without a register are not acceptable.

SIMPLY STATED; if the sticker is detached from the book, the register has to show the VIN it was issued to or the stub must be completed. If not, it is a violation of the inspection rules (Saf-C3245.04) and we know you don’t want to do that.

PLEASE NOTE: You are not charged anything for using the NHOST machine to complete inspections that are on non-OBD vehicles. There is still a $50 minimum per month, but using the NHOST system for inspections on non-OBD vehicles will not increase your costs.

The next software release to the stations will have the “How to” use and print the sticker register information listed on the NHOST machine under “Information and Training Materials”, “Important Program Notes”. Please print it out and keep it handy for reference. You can view the “How To” now by going to on an internet capable computer and click on “Notices”.

If you have read through the “HOW TO ” information and still have questions please contact the helpline at 1-800-383-4124 or the OBD program at 603-227-4120.