December 8, 2010

Network Printer Option

We are considering offering an optional service for the NHOST program.
We will make a final decision about this feature in the near future after gauging the interest of New Hampshire inspection stations.

In addition to the availability of laser printers, we have recently been developing the ability to connect the NHOST unit to an existing customer-furnished network printer already used in the station. There may be several advantages to using a network printer: the need to maintain only one printer in your operation, the simplifying of ink or toner needs, moving the printout of VIRs from the shop environment to your office or customer service desk, etc.

As this may be offered as an option there will be costs associated with the network printer program. These would include a $100.00 set up fee and an $85.00 service fee (which will include time on site as well as travel time from and to NHOST office) for network repairs or support not directly associated with the NHOST PC.

If you may be interested in connecting the NHOST unit to your network printer, we would appreciate it if you would contact the Helpline at 800-383-4124 and take a few moments to answer a couple of questions.